Hockey is a sport like no other.

The speed at which hockey is played, the surface that it's played on, and the equipment needed for hockey already separate the game from many others. But hockey goes beyond that.

You can play sport all your life, trying your hand at basketball, baseball, soccer, football, or really any team sport, and you'll never find anything with comparable camaraderie to hockey.

As a result of the equipment involved in the sport, hockey requires a much longer time to prepare for each game and practice, and this is where some of the best memories are made.

Sitting in the dressing room sharing stories, laughs and memories with your teammates is one of the best parts of this great sport. And it's also where teammates grow to become lifelong friends.

Our passion for hockey in Canada is within our DNA, and there's no escaping it. Driving to the rink is simply one of the most exciting times of each and every week, and life wouldn't be the same without it.

Hockey extends beyond the on-ice activity and establishes bonds that can last forever. There's something special about this sport that brings each and every one of us closer together.

We love every minute of it.